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Consent Education

What is Consent? 


I define consent as mutual agreement. It is freely-given, changeable, and an ongoing process. Consent is not just about sexual intimacy- rather, consent is a part of our everyday lives. We are building a culture of consent through learning and practice.

Consent culture is not a culture in which we ask each other for every little thing. It’s a culture in which we value our own and each other’s sovereignty and choice to the degree that we become unwilling to coerce each other. Instead of coercion, we use all our skills and powers to find our way to attentive, authentic, and consensual connection. We use our voices to ask questions, name desires, and speak boundaries aloud, and we use our bodies to phsyically express our internal experience. Both verbal and non-verbal consent are valid and essential.


Because consent culture is fundamentally about sovereignty and choice, it is intrinsically aligned with every other struggle for liberation. I see consent culture as inherently in solidarity with movements for decolonization, racial justice, disability justice, ending capitalism, and every other liberation movement.  

I teach consent workshops for youth and adults, tailored to the needs of your group. I teach in person and online. If you are curious about hiring me to teach consent, get in touch with me here.

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